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  Fundraisers take place across the country year-round, thanks to sponsored players and supporters nationwide ... see the National Calendar to find one near you, and take part!

Established in 2000, the original RFTC fundraiser has donated over $84,000 to the Denver affiliate of Komen for the Cure.



We thank you!

One of the best parts of Denver's Racquet for the Cure is the Saturday evening awards celebration, where no one goes home empty-handed. Individuals and companies give generously to make sure that everyone gets a gift - or two, or three!

Step up to do your part ... if you or your company would like to make a cash or value-in-kind donation of products or services, all you have to do is contact the organizing committee to get things rolling. We'll add your name to the growing donor list online - where you'll be recognized year-round.

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L-R: Jo Shattuck & Marcia Richards; Maria Small & Lori Inskeep; Jo Shattuck (hitter); Linda Mojer, Diane Degitis, Jessie Carbajal.
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